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Perks of Betting on Sports with Mobile Devices

Sports betting becomes more and more popular, and some of the sportsbook allow you to bet straight from your mobile devices. If you are still in doubt of this kind of method, you need to know some perks of betting on sports with mobile devices.

Perks of Betting on Sports with Mobile Devices

Bet Anywhere and Anytime

The first obvious perk of betting with mobile devices is that you can place your bet anytime and anywhere. You will not be restricted by the space boundaries; it means that you do not need to wander around just to find the trusted sportsbooks to place your bet. You can simply place the bet straight from your phone while chilling in your bedroom and only wearing your pajamas.

Moreover, you can place and monitor your bet for 24/7 and you do not need to sit in front of your computer for that. You can easily do it straight from your mobile devices without worrying about unnecessary things and you will be updated with the detailed information about the bet you place on.

Friendly Interface

The sports betting sites have developed their websites so that you can access the websites using the web browser in your phones. The sports betting websites are designed in some ways so that you can easily understand the contents and they will be available in any kind of mobile device platform. Moreover, some sportsbooks offer the high definition graphics and sound effects to make you enjoy the site and bring you to the real sport events experience even by using your phones.


The next perk of betting with mobile devices is that you can access the websites right from your phones. Nowadays, some sport bookies develop their websites using the HTML5 so that you can access their websites from any platform including your phones.

For those whose phones are running out of memories, you do not need to worry since you do not need to download certain apps to place your bet. Remember to have the latest update for your mobile phone browser so that you can enjoy this feature. You do not need to worry whether you can access the sites or not, as long as you have the latest update for your mobile web browser, you are ready to go.


The last perk of this betting with mobile devices is that you can know whether the sportsbooks are reliable of not. Compared to the land-based sports betting, you can check the reliability of the online sportsbooks by reviewing the websites, or you can know from other sports bettors. Those sportsbooks are mostly trusted compared to the land-based sports betting. Moreover, land-based sports betting are mostly banned in many countries, different with the mobile sports betting, you can place your bet without worrying about being arrested.

Those are some perks of betting on sports with mobile devices that you need to know. Now, it is your turn to enjoy the sports betting straight from your mobile devices and experience the game.

Sports Tips

Advantage of Keeping Record When Betting on Sports

Winning the betting is the goal of every online sport bettors and there are several things to do when you want to win it, like keeping a record to predict your own chance of winning. If you have not done it yet, you need to know the advantage of keeping record when betting on sports.

Advantage of Keeping Record When Betting on Sports

Keeping the Information

The first advantage of keeping record is that you will be able to know about the information of the bet you have made. You will know what type of bet you have made, when you place the bet, the result of the bet, what sports betting you bet on, and many more.

You can also know the amount of money you have placed and the amount of payout you have acquired so that you have a better understanding about your bankroll. Moreover, you can manage your bankroll well if you have this record with you.

Besides, you can know the number of wins and loses you have acquired. If you are looking for placing the next bet, you can simply look at the record you have made to have a better understanding about the match.

Analyzing Your Bet

The second advantage is that you can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of every bet you have made. In betting you cannot ensure that you will win all the time, therefore you will be able to analyze the losing and winning in this record. You can look at type of bet you have made and you can know whether the bet is successful or not in a certain condition, hopefully, you can find certain patterns that are found in your winning and losing record.

The most important thing is that you will have a better understanding about the game and about the bet itself. This kind of action will help you determining the next move about your bet, what kind of bet that is suitable for you and you will be able to calculate your own chance of winning. If you want to be a regular bettor, this record will be very helpful to decide what kind of bet you will place later on.

Analyzing Performance

Keeping the record is also useful to analyze your own performance and you will know the best time to place the bet. Remember that winning a bet is not always being lucky in placing the bet itself, but there must be something that triggers your winning.

If you have known the reason for every win, you will be able to develop the strategy to win the bet next time. Moreover, you will be more careful before reaching the final decision about your bet to avoid losing.

After you known the advantage of keeping record when betting on sports, then it is your time to start making your own personal record of each bet you place on. Hopefully, you can make use of the record to help you placing the bet and winning in the next betting.

Sports Tips

Tips That Can Make Your Online Sports Bet Win

The purpose of playing online sports betting game is having fun along with earning a lot of money. If you have already mastered it, the earning from this site can even cover your living. Therefore, many people are interested in doing sports betting, especially those who like sports. For people who like sports, it will be easier for them to understand the game. So, how to earn a lot of money from this game? Let’s check the tips that can make your online sports bet win.

Tips That Can Make Your Online Sports Bet Win

Understanding Sports Betting

There are three betting systems in sports betting games which are money line, point spreads and parlays. Money line is minus or plus number in a certain match which is associated with involved team. It refers on how much you need to bet to win $100 or how much you will get if you bet $100. Meanwhile, point spread is where there is a large gap between final scores. You are not only betting on which team will win but also the specific amount. Last, parlays is about making more than one types of bets in the same game. For instance, you use money line and point spread bet. Those become parlay bet.

Do not Use Your Emotion when Placing Bet

Most likely, people tend to place their bet under some influences, such as favorite team or even emotionally influenced. Betting on your favorite team does not guarantee that you will win the game. Moreover, if you place the bet based on your emotion, you will definitely lose the game. Therefore, make sure that you focus and concentrate on the game. Do not let your emotion get involved because you will not win the game then.

Using Betting Strategy

In doing betting, you can place bets based on the odds or you can also bet on the underdog team. By knowing the odds of the match, you will be able to know how much money that you will get if you win the game. Thus, it is better for you to bet after knowing the odds of both team. Meanwhile, underdog team is the opposite of the favorite team. Betting on your favorite team does not guarantee that you will win the game.

Money Management

In order to win, you should not only focus only on the betting but also on your money management. If you play sport betting games, you are required to set the amount of your money which is referred as bankroll. Like another betting game, you does not want to lose money that you cannot afford, does you? Thus, you need to manage your money to be used for a week, a month or a season. By doing that, you will only lose money that you can afford.

By considering the tips that can make your online sports bet win, you can play well and have a high chance of winning. However, do not afraid to lose because game is a game, you may lose before winning.

Sports Tips

What Can Soccer Live Scores Can Do in Your Betting Game?

Soccer betting became one of the favorite games on various online bookmakers, including To help bettors determine the setting of the bet, online bookmarkers usually provide Soccer Live Scores features that can be accessed through your device. Then, what can Soccer Live Scores can do in your betting game? Here are the following list of it that should you know.

What Can Soccer Live Scores Can Do in Your Betting Game?

Able to Obtain Important Information Related to Soccer

The first function of the Soccer Live Scores feature is to make it easier for bettors to figure out what matches will be held in the near future and to inform the final score of the up-to-date match. Moreover, this feature is usually also equipped with complete match stats, such as the percentage of ball possession, the number of corner kicks, the number of shot on goal, the number of fouls, and so forth.

The number of scores obtained will also affect the standings of teams that are competing in a league or tournament. This position will make it easier for bettors to choose a team that deserves to win on soccer betting games.

Able to Make a Match Analysis and Review

The Soccer Live Scores feature will help you in making a match analysis, for example the match between Juventus vs. Inter Milan. Bettors can analyze the previous matches of both teams against other teams or the last meeting record between both teams for several matches. It will make it easier for you to know which team is superior.

Moreover, it will also help bettors in informing the main strategy of both teams, the characteristic of players that will be played, the injured players, and so on. Your prediction is more precise with the up-to-date scores. In, you may know the up to date information less than 10 seconds from the real match. So, you can ensure your bet setting in the last minutes of the betting game.

Able to Know the Soccer Bet Information before Betting

If you enjoy soccer matches by betting in increasing profits, then is an online betting site that you can trust. Many information about online soccer betting games can be found here. Various features will also allow you to set your bets according to the selected team.

Moreover, this best online site in Asia will also provide the best tips for you in installing the bet through the Soccer Live Scores feature. Everything about soccer betting is explained in full and clear review so bettors will no doubt when set the bets. You can also do all the above tips more easily with the complete information about soccer betting. By understanding these much information well, bettors’ winning odds will be bigger.

Then, what can Soccer Live Scores can do in your betting game? You may get much information about the matches, which want to know. By this information, you may also make some analysis and predictions about the matches and get big profits by winning it in, the largest online betting provider in Asia.

Sports Tips

How to Understand the Soccer Live Odds in Order to Win Money?

Soccer Live is one of the most popular sports betting games in, the best online betting provider in Asia. Unlike most betting games, Soccer Live can only be played when the match is in progress. Then, how to understand the soccer live odds in order to win money? Here are the ways that should you know.

How to Understand the Soccer Live Odds in Order to Win Money?

How to Understand the Soccer Live Odds in Order to Win Money?
How to Understand the Soccer Live Odds in Order to Win Money?

Pay Attention to the Value of Odds

Professional bettors often use this method in betting. When the value of odds increases, the value of winning multiplication decreases. This point shows you the possibility of your win will be bigger.

For example, the match between Manchester United vs. West Ham United with +1.5 handicap and 3.15 odds bet. Then, after the game runs for 35 minutes, down to +1.0 and the value of odds has increased. Therefore, bettors will choose West Ham United at an additional charge.

It can be concluded that Manchester United will find difficulties to score the goal in the game.

Pay Attention to the Number of Corner Kicks

Understanding the Soccer Live odds can also be determined by looking at the number of corner kicks that are occurred during the game. One team has a better chance of winning if it gets more corner kicks than any other team. It can be happened because the team that gets more corner kicks will give more pressure on the opposing team to score the goal.

However, this way is certainly not a benchmark that the teams who get a corner kick are more likely to win. It is because it could be the opposing team using a special strategy to hold the attack and make a good counterattack.

Analyze the Results of Previous Matches

This is the particular way that is used by bettor most often before predicting which team will win. Each team must have some match results before. Analyze the team’s performance over the past few games, whether the trend of game results increase or decrease.

Furthermore, you can also analyze the results of the last meeting of both teams that will compete, whether at home or away. This will help you to make a more precise prediction on what team will win and how you will make the bet, big or small.

Always be Cautious and Smart in Taking Action

During the Soccer Live sports betting, you should not be reckless in making a decision. In most cases, what causes bettors failure is often when they have to determine the final result in the last 20 minutes of the game. During these last minutes, unpredicted goals are often made.

As mentioned before, make sure you analyze the game well by setting the bet on the right team. Bettors are strongly advised to set the bet on the last minute of closing bets, as the result will be much more predictable.

The tips above will help you to know on how to understand the soccer live odds in order to win money. Analyzing each team’s game is the most important thing to know if you want to secure a better chance of victory. Moreover, you can grab the big profits in, the largest online betting agency in Asia.

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Betting Options That You Can Use for Soccer In-Play Betting

Knowing the betting options that you can use for soccer in-play betting is very important. Your chance of winning is very small if you do not know the type of bet that you will place because the in-play betting is very unpredictable. There are several betting options that you can choose.

Betting Options That You Can Use for Soccer In-Play Betting

Betting Options That You Can Use for Soccer In-Play Betting
Betting Options That You Can Use for Soccer In-Play Betting

Half Time Over or Under Goals

This one is quite easy. Punters will place a wager on the total goals scored in the first half of the match will be over or under the bookies’ stated total goal. For example, it can be 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc.

Half Time Asian Handicap

This bet is a bit similar to the previous option. Yet, this involves the handicap rules. Punters place a wager on the outcome at the Half Time according to the applied Asian Handicap score set by bookies.

Next Team to Score

This one is also very simple. You just need to guess which team will score the next goal. This betting option is single only. Furthermore, the No Score is also available in this option.

Next Goal Scorer

This one is basically the same as the previous betting option. However, it is more specific. You have to bet on the player who will score the next goal. Note that the No Goal Scorer is also available. The No Goal Scorer option will win if the match ends with 0-0 or the goals scored are all own goals.

If own goals happen, the option will be settled on the next goal. Thus, if the first goal is an own goal, the player who scores the second one is considered as the goal scorer for both goals. Yet, it won’t affect the following ones.


In this betting option, punter may place a bet on over or under corners and total corners range. In the over or under option, the bookmaker will state the total. Punters simply need to guess whether it will be above or below it. In the total corners range, bookies also determine the numbers within the brackets. Only the actual taken corners are counted in both options.

Total Booking Points

In this option, punters guess whether the booking points in a match exceed the total booking points stated by the bookmakers. Note that extra time is not counted. It also only applies to the players on the pitch.

Clean Sheet

Basically, you place wager whether one team can prevent its opponent to score a goal. This option is applied to both teams. You can either bet on the home or away.


This betting option relies on the outcome of an interval. Punters can choose to bet on whether a goal will be scored in the interval or not. You may also choose which team will be the winner in a certain interval.

X:59 Minutes

Again, punters have two kinds of options. They may choose to guess the match result at, for instance, 29:59. They can guess whether the goals are over or under a stated total at that minute.

The Next Incident

Like the previous options, you can place a bet on two types of bet. You may simply predict the exact upcoming incident, such as a throw-in, free kick, corner or goal. You can also predict what incident will occur during a certain interval.

Understanding these betting options is vital in soccer in-play betting. You will just waste your cash by placing bets randomly, especially if you don’t know the rules. Thus, you must not only master but also implement the knowledge of the betting options that you can use for soccer in-play betting.

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Tips to Win on a Live Betting Soccer Game

Live betting soccer game is different with traditional pre-match betting. In traditional pre-match betting, you need to choose the team that you think will win the match, and you should place the bet on that team before the match is started. On the other hand, in live betting soccer game, you have to place the bet when the match is in progress. The chance of winning is higher if you choose live betting soccer game but you need to consider these tips to win on a live betting soccer game and get more chances of winnings.

Tips to Win on a Live Betting Soccer Game

Tips to Win on a Live Betting Soccer Game
Tips to Win on a Live Betting Soccer Game

Think Like Football Coach

The constant shifting of the odds may ruin your mind as the bettor. If you want to beat the bookie, you need to have the mindset of the top-class football coach. There are many popular top-class football coaches that can be your role model. They will adapt their coaching and thinking based on the contemporary situation. Some coaches may look calm while watching their team’s performance while some others may take notes or talk to their assistants.

Moreover, top-class coaches see their benches as the main key of the success because they monitor the game while sitting on the bench. So, what is the relation with live betting? Simply, it is all about mind. By taking the flexible in-play the top-class coaches, you can see the fluctuating odds and when you see new opportunity you can bet more. If the opportunity is closed, you can cash it out.

Time Decay, Shortening and Drifting Odds

Time decay is about how time elapsed affects the odds. In live soccer betting, the live odds are available in final two minutes. When one team is leading the match, you can see the odds for that team to win will increase shortly while the odds for another team will increase longer. Time decay makes the possibility more possible or more distant.

Treat Profit and Loss Equally

There is no lucky winning streak whether you are betting in right way or not. If you lose, just adjust the betting strategy by following some tips from provided information. If you earn profit, you may follow the same tips.

Do not Judge too Early

Since this is live sports betting, you have more time to think while watching the match. Thus, do not judge too early. Some players need to adjust with the match before showing their real skill. Some other may seem well-played then fade away. So, you cannot judge directly in the early stages of the game. The well-played team at first is not always the winning team.

Looking Out for Injuries

This tips is easy to follow. As we know, the player’s health influences the match. What you need to do is knowing how big the influence is and knowing whether the injured player is the vital player or not. This is also the pre-game studying which can help you in deciding the betting.

Playing in live betting is easy but more challenging because you need to consider some important aspects. Furthermore, those tips to win on a live betting soccer game can be a help for you in overcoming the betting.

Sports Tips Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site

In the world of online betting, you can’t choose or decide easily in your online betting website that you can trust. But in this Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site you were able to play and bet on your favorite online soccer bets in this live world cup betting site with different variety of online sports betting games and other features that the bettors may enjoy. You can experience the best online soccer betting games because this website can provide you the best online soccer betting promotions that you will surely enjoy. Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site Best Online Soccer Bets and Live Worldcup Betting Site

This will give you the best soccer betting games because they have the best game providers which is they are able to produce such online soccer betting features like the live odds checker and the soccer live odds together with the live video streaming that all the soccer bettor can rely on in order to lessen their chances of losing lots of money.

This website is ranked as the best worldcup betting website on entire Malaysia. Especially if you are a big fan of the biggest and the most awaited soccer event like UEFA, BUNDESLIGA, and WORL CUP you will surely enjoy the online betting games in this kind of website that will truly satisfy your betting experience.


When choosing the best online sports betting website, you have to be more aware if it is legal or not. In this Malaysia live soccer betting website has the license to operate this kind of online sports betting. You can be more satisfied and safe because it is accredited and have the authority to operate which is given by PAGCOR. You will be sure that this website can give you safety when it comes to your bank account. Your safety will be the most important priority of this website.

Once you become a member of this betting site, every day you can have a chance to have the best soccer prediction made by the soccer betting site. That is why your winning chances will increase and you were able to make more money while you are betting on your favorite soccer betting games by combining all the soccer betting features offered by the betting site.

Live Streaming Features

The live stream features is the most used online sports betting features especially when your favorite team are playing. With the help of this kind of online sports betting features. In soccer worldcup betting site you were able to watch your favorite soccer team from time to time. You were also able to get more updates on all supported online sports betting games on this website. Even when you are a non-bettor of this website will have the chance to watch and get updates of their favorite betting games with this live stream feature. Most of the other sports event are not available in TV, but with the help of this website you will able to watch those sports event without paying any bills will become possible.

In this live betting soccer website you were able to bet on your favorite soccer team without any hassle and you were able to play any time you want. Join and enjoy this kind of exciting game and experience the fun in!

Sports Tips

Which is better 12 win Asia vs qq188asia?

Aside from other betting website in betting industry, many gamblers play their favorite game without knowing the background of the website that they choose. Some people asking, Which is better 12 win Asia vs qq188asia? Here are some information that you must get regarding in this two website.

Which is better 12 win Asia vs qq188asia?

Which is better 12 win Asia vs qq188asia?
Which is better 12 win Asia vs qq188asia?

12 Win Asia

This 12 win Asia has great themes and graphics. They have also a lot of game features that players must like. They have also a lot of exciting promotions that you can get, here are some:

  • Merdeka Lucky Draw
  • Sportsbook Cashback
  • Unlimited Slot Bonus
  • New Member Starter Pack
  • Extra bonus
  • New VIP Program
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Unlimited Re-Deposit Bonus
  • Live Casino Rebates
  • Slot Cashbacks
  • Weekly Lucky Draw
  • Perfect Attendance Bonus
  • Baccarat Lucky Hand Bonus
  • Unlimited Baccarat Rewards

They have also a customer service team which you can ask and make suggestion regarding their website and for you to understand the rules and condition of the website.


This is the leading sport betting online website and Asia top best bookies. It is your source for the best live streaming and biggest Malaysia sports bookies. You will find here the widest and amazing variety of free bets and Asian handicapped odds. This website is known for reputation as an amazing sportsbook. They commit to making online sports bet experience into a more exciting way and profitable winnings.

This website also a huge variety of promotions and bonuses, these are follows:

  • Welcome Bonus- This promo is for the newly registered member in the website. It is available to all members with MYR currency.
  • Free VIP Level- This promo is for you if you are a loyal member of this website and playing for a very long time. Your VIP status will be upgraded by one level.
  • Lucky Draw Reward Point- It is applied for all members that has MYR Currencies.
  • Extra Bonus 200%- All enlisted members of the website who uses MYR currency for betting will receive a maximum bonus of 350 MYR.
  • All Games Daily Reload Bonus- Available for those players with MYR currency. This promo have the minimum of 1 MYR up to 600 minimum bonus daily.
  • Reward Point- This promo will gave a member a chance to get a percentage of his or her total deposit amount in a week back to their account wallets.

This qq188asia has also a live streaming, it is the best place to watch your favorite sports like Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Moto GP, Horse Racing, E-Sports and many more. This website is accessible 24/7 on your PC or Mobile Phones.

With this kind of information that you have, in your own opinion which website are much better? For me, I choose the website with lot of promotions and as much as possible it has more variety of games like qq188asia, that website is full of surprises. But of course, you have to choose on your own. Choose now and register to website that you want. Enjoy your betting and have fun playing!

Sports Tips

Tennis Betting Tips For Beginners To Help Them Win Money

Introduction: Tennis is one of the most captivating, popular beneficial in term of payouts game in the world of gambling. Undoubtedly, it does not take a genius to figure out that a large lot of punters are keen and quite interested in placing sports betting online on tennis. The level of entertainment, thrill, kick and joy anyone can get from tennis is pretty much impossible to be obtained from any other game in the world.

One can earn in millions of billions and even trillions if he knows the right tactics of betting on tennis and apply them on the right time.Tennis betting tips for beginners to help them win money the main reason of so many punters behind this game is the large number of tournaments of this game going all around the world in both categories male and female, single and double. Thus the game is very much rich in tournaments and tends to cater the punters almost a whole year if played wisely!

If you have switched currently to the tennis betting and wondering how to master the betting in this specialized area then do burn your calories anymore. We are here only for sake of tips of tennis betting. Have a look on them;

Tennis Betting Tips For Beginners To Help Them Win Money

Tennis Betting Tips For Beginners To Help Them Win Money
Tennis Betting Tips For Beginners To Help Them Win Money

Betting on an ultimate winner: Most of the bets in tennis are on the ultimate or say a final winner of the game. The market regarding this bet is quite active. In this sort of free betting online, you simply have to predict the name of a player that have the most potential to win the game according to your gut feelings. If this comes to be true you get a quick payout and if not you lose your money. Here are some of the tips you can follow to maximize your probability of winning the game;

  • Events to wage on: Decide with all your senses working actively that which event you want to wage on. The events of tennis and probabilities of wages on them are endless. The Australian open, Davis cup, US open, The French open, Wimbledon of Men’s tennis and Women’s tennis provide the unbelievable market. The four major Grand Slam tournaments, as well as both ATP and WTA events, are the biggest events in tennis and you can bet on them freely.
  • Check the draw: Always make sure you check the draw before placing bets on tennis.
  • Select a home-grown player: Between two of players participating in the sport you should support and place bet on the home-grown player or player who has a large support in stadium because this ground reality tends to cater the most while playing and motivates the player to give his best game while demotivating and discouraging stadium environment for any player is not considered well.
  • Multiple bets: The events to place bets on tennis matches are infinite. My opinion for you to earn more is to bet more. The more you bet more you have chances to win. Along with the ultimate winner of a game, you can also bet on terms like who will score a point early, who will do service first, who will do more services and much more such little bets which are just more than fun.
  • Bet through a licensed website: You should consider honorable and excellent record keeping sports betting site like qq101 which provide the best odds and quick payouts to the punters. QQ101 has the best odds regarding wins and is a licensed and authorized website where you can place bets without fear of being caught and something like illegal.

We hope that these tips help you really in winning large payouts and we wish you a good luck in anticipation!