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Do you love slot machine betting on a whole different level? Do you go to the casino e-games just for playing slot machine games? Do you have a busy routine and it gets difficult to go to the casinos to enjoy your favorite activity? We have a solution for you. You can now play slot games online and bet online as well. casino e-games, slot mobile betting, big wins free spins A number of different slot betting sites are developing. All of them claim to provide you with everything best but not every website succeeds in doing so.

While choosing an online betting site you must be very careful. Not all of them are reliable and trusted enough. To help you, we have an option for you. Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins is one of the best online slot betting site in the today’s online gambling world.


QQ188 is the top best online slot betting site of Malaysia. All the Asian gamblers have voted us multiple of times to be the best. We provide you with the best services and unlike other online gambling sites, we actually do give what we promise to. You will come across a number of reasons to choose us. Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins

The variety of games, big wins bonuses, promotional offers, live chat, mobile app, and best game developers are few of the reasons which top the list. You will definitely love online betting once you join us. To clear your confusions furthermore, our special features are defined in the following content.


The best slot machine games are available at our online betting slot site. Not just the popular ones, we also provide our gamblers with the uncommon and less popular slot machine games. We make sure that our gamblers get everything they require and they never have to compromise for anything they do not want.

The game list includes jack the pirate, spin stone, golden whale, slot vegas, arcade, daddy’s vacations, honey hunter and much more. The list could easily be accessed and scrolled through. You can then conveniently select the game you want to play and bet on.


The three best game developers are associated with us. therefore, the video games are of high quality and in the best graphics. The colors and icons are interesting enough to make your gaming session enjoyable and exciting for you. The game developers providing mobile slot games at our online betting site are

  • PlayTech
  • Toptrend gaming
  • Spadegaming


At every pay line, multiple scatter symbols and wild symbols appear. Sometimes they hold the worth of multiplier up to 25 times. If you score that specific icon, your total profit could be multiplied up to 25 times. Through the progressive jackpots and massive jackpots, you can win huge jackpots at the end.


The weekly rebate system will prove you our reliability and loyalty. Your total weekly deposit is recorded and by the end of the week, 1% of the total amount is rewarded to you. It will help you to maintain your budget and to always have some money at stake.


Qq188 has its own mobile app which is free of cost. It is easily available at the app store and the play store. It is compatible with every sort of device having an active internet connection. You can simply download the app on your phones or tablets. The app will enhance your mobile slot betting experience and you will be able to stay in touch with the online betting market. is highly recommended for online slot betting. You must join now to gain an exciting experience of the online gambling world.

E-games Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website


Are you an online gambler who can not find a reliable online betting site to double up your fun during the betting session? Are you always afraid about your money going to drain? Are you too tired of never getting nice bonuses and free bets? Well, here is a solution for all of you. Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website is one of the most trusted and reliable slot game betting websites. It has the reputation of the best online gambling company of Malaysia.

Product list available at free slot machine betting website:

If you are an online slot game lover then qq101 is the best choice for you. There is a number of e-games online developer providing their services at our website. Some of which are

  • PlayTech
  • SpadeGaming
  • Toptrend Gaming

The video quality and graphics of the online slot games provided by these developers are of high quality. The themes and colours used are catchy enough for the players to have an exciting experience throughout the game. Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website

Some of the games available at QQ101 are Slot Vegas, Jack The Pirate, Strike Captain America, Great Blue, Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot 777, Fathers vs Zombies and much more. You could choose your favourite free slot machine game from a wide variety of available games at

Easy controlling:

The slot betting website is extremely easy to use. You could easily scroll through the slot games list and choose your favourite game. The available slot online games at QQ101 are in a large quantity for you to have what you like the most. QQ101 makes sure that its gamblers never have to compromise for any unwanted thing.

Mobile phone applications:

Slot betting online is not a difficult task anymore. You can download the mobile application of QQ101 on your mobile phones to play from wherever you want. This is comfortable too. You do not have to wait for a specific time to play your favourite slot machine game. Now, it just needs an internet-connected device to start betting online on your favourite online slot.

The mobile applications are free to download and easily available. Therefore, you do not have to worry about paying any extra amount of money.


We make sure that our gamblers are always satisfied and get reasonable profit from their gaming sessions. In order to imply this, we offer multiple numbers of  promotions at the promotions are as follows:

  • Sportsbook weekly cash rebate 1%.
  • 7 platform live casino – weekly cash rebates 1.2%
  • Spadegaming weekly cash rebate 1.5%
  • Playtech slot and TTG slot weekly cash rebate 1.5%
  • Payout and discount lottery

These are some of the promotions we offer at for our loyal gamblers to make their profit larger.

Deposit & withdrawal:

The deposit and withdrawal processes at QQ101 is not a difficult task either. It is just filling up your name and account details and get your money. There is no need of any long annoying forms to be filled before depositing the money or withdrawing it.

Free bets & free spins:

You get multiple free bets and free spins at QQ101. This will increase your motivation and entertainment to play the game. The free spins could also be won during the trial period and could be used after the trial session ends. is an excellent and extremely trustworthy online slot betting machine game website. Here you will get all that you have wanted. The promotions and a large number of bonuses will make your gambling session more delightful. Do not search any further and get yourself registered now! The exciting world of gambling is waiting for you.


Valuable experience on playing slot machine

The slot machine is a fun game and quite interesting activity at the casino. However, it could turn out to be confusing at times with the several lines and an amount you can bet especially if you are a newbie. This article comprises of information of experienced gambler. Valuable experience on playing slot machine If you are a beginner you would love to have a guide. Following are several tricks for you.

Which slot machine to play at

Most machines at the casinos nowadays are the best slot machine. For such machines, the least amount that could be bet over a spin is a single penny.  However, you can also find dollar bills, nickel and quarter slot machines. They are expensive and complex as well. Penny slot machines are the best suitable for the novice gamblers.

Betting the lines

Most of the slot machines at the casinos make conspicuous either three series of five reels or four sets of five reels. If you get a set of winning of three or more of the similar icon in a succession on a pay line, you win. The vertical lines that go through the reels are known as the pay lines. The simplest 3-series slot machine games might only have 8-16 pay lines, whereas the latest 4 or 5 series slot games have anywhere from 30-100 pay lines. In various sequence, the lines go in a zigzag direction.

Valuable experience on playing slot machine

Valuable experience on playing slot machine
Valuable experience on playing slot machine

How much to bet per pay line

Betting one penny at available pay line on each spin is the best idea. To increase the fun betting 20-40 cents over each spin, betting one penny on a single pay line always helps. Betting on each pay line increases the chances of wins quite a much. The fun is doubled too.

Winning with bonus rounds and jackpots

Taking the bonuses and jackpots is always beneficial. One should not miss any sort of bonuses offered in the qq101 as it increases the total earning at the end. The clubs offer several promotions and bonuses in order to keep their customers loyal, taking them is always best!

How to become aware of a slot machine game

Before playing any game makes sure that you are fully aware of its rules and regulations. The best way to get the information is to hit the ‘info’ button at the game screen. It will show another screen which will have all the basic information about the game you are about to play.

Amount of money to bring to the casino

If you are willing to spend a couple of hours at the slot betting online in order to have fun, $50-100 would be a good choice. Showing up with less than $50 would not last long especially if you play the new games which have the higher betting rate.

Although, decide your bankroll beforehand! Decide a certain amount with which you are comfortable to lose. Do not spend any more money than the earlier decide bankroll as it would cause a lot of loss. Keep your winnings aside and do not bet against them if you do not want to go home empty handed. If you are winning, stop the game when the reward has reached double the initial amount. If losing, stop when you reach your loss limit that is the amount with which you are comfortable enough to lose.

Above mentioned are some of the ideas given by the experienced gambler for a novice gambler. If you are new to the casino and a beginner, this article must have helped you a lot. These tricks do not always pay out 100% reward but would for sure increase your chances of winning while lowering down the chances of you losing your money.